• Vision0

    i wanna create blogs on useful fighting methods, for stuff like these events. first one that helped me is something i call, phalanx method.

    since events are in the level of your highest hero level and i got two of that level, put all of your heroes together, in one location, put the weaker ones behind, and the strongest/stronger ones in front, that way you can all focus on the targets, if you got knockbacks it's even better to keep them away from you and then to attack them when they come back.

    that's it so far,short but helped me.

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  • Mr.overlord

    MAAT blog 5

    June 17, 2014 by Mr.overlord

    I just got to chapter 2 I am unsure if it has released on an earlier date however I have just beaten assignment 7 mission 1 and I am going to level up my heroes before I do anything else is there any good way to grind for silver other than other peoples base's


    Black panther lvl 6 train

    Black widdow lvl 6 train

    Captain marvel lvl 6 train

    Cyclops lvl 6 train

    Iron fist lvl 6 train

    Iron man lvl 6 train

    Klaw lvl 6 train

    Scarlet witch lvl 3

    She-hulk lvl 6 train

    Sif lvl 6

    Taskmaster lvl 6 train


    Flight deck lvl 2

    Iso-8 workshop lvl 2

    Shield vault lvl 4

    Iso-8 refienery lvl 3

    Barracks lvl 2 (what does this do)

    Training center lvl 5

    Quinjet hangar lvl 4

    Command center lvl 5

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  • Lapotchkin
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  • Truelegden

    Tactics is based off of Avengers Alliance. So I think that they will add more heroes.

    My Wish list

    'Iceman - Blaster

    'Angel - Generalist

    'Hercules - Bruiser

    'War Machine - Tactician

    'Gambit - Infiltrator

    'Satana - Blaster

    'Deadpool - Scrapper

    I also think more alts will come

    'Captain Rogers- Infiltrator

    'MK42 Iron Man - Tactician

    'GREY Hulk - Scrapper

    'Uncanny Cyclops - Blaster

    'Future Foundation DR. Doom - Blaster

    'Black Suit Spidey - Bruiser

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  • Mr.overlord

    MAAT blog 4

    June 12, 2014 by Mr.overlord

    I know that this is not daily but here is part four I have taskmaster and sif am having fun with sif passive where all of her slashing moves now apply ravagged taskmaster is also fun and has some goode passives the one that I use is drill instructer what do you use also I was told that Cyclops has a blaster suit but I canot find it help would be appreciated 



    Black panther lvl 6 training required 

    Black widdow lvl 6 training required

    Captain marvel lvl 6 training required

    Cyclops lvl 6 training required

    Iron fist lvl 6

    Iron man lvl 5 training required

    Klaw lvl 6 training required

    She-hulk lvl 5 training required

    Sif lvl 3 training required

    Taskmaster lvl 6


    Flight deck lvl 2

    Iso-8 workshop lvl 2

    Shield vault lvl 2

    Iso-8 …

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  • Cyrus Annihilator

    Hello agents,

    Some of you might know, I extracted the sprites from M:AA and uploaded in tSR and SDB for everyone interested in using them. These sprites are used by many to do diverse fanarts.

    Now, Marvel Tactics (M:AAT) is here, but it doesn't use sprites, but 3D models.
    I've never extracted 3D models before, but I know it's possible. And I'm interested to extract the models from this game because I believe it will feature a huge number of characters in the future and we can't let this content be lost one day. The 3D models can be used to do 3D animations and even mods for games! Marvel Ultimate Alliance is one game that could use these models, players have been releasing many mods for this game.…

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  • Mr.overlord

    MAAT blog 3

    June 10, 2014 by Mr.overlord

    Just got Klaw he is very intresting intresting and my first 48 CP hero to boot also got Black panther and Black widdow to level 6 and am enjoying there third slot alot



    Black panther lvl 6

    Black widdow lvl 6

    Captain marvel lvl 5 training required

    Cyclops lvl 5 training required

    Iron fist lvl 5 training required

    Iron man lvl 5 training required

    Klaw lvl 4

    She-hulk lvl 5 training required


    Flight deck lvl 2

    Iso-8 workshop lvl 2

    Shield vault lvl 2

    Iso-8 refinery lvl2

    Barracks lvl 2

    Training center lvl 4

    Quinjet hangar lvl3

    Command center lvl 4

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  • Mr.overlord

    MAAT blog 2

    June 8, 2014 by Mr.overlord

    I this is a bit odd but I have beat the epic boss for chapter 1 for those have not gotten to that point M.O.D.O.K is the epic boss and for those who don't know foccus on M.O.D.O.K and use bleeds from Black panther and or Taskmaster and use Iron mans level 6 to put burning on M.O.D.O.K after that do whatever you can to stay alive


    Black panther lvl 5 

    Black widow lvl 5

    Captain marvel lvl 5

    Cyclops lvl 4 training required

    Iron fist lvl 4 training required

    Iron man lvl 4 training required

    She hulk lvl 4 training required


    Flight deck lvl 1

    Iso-8 workshop lvl 1

    Shield vault lvl 1

    Iso-8 refinery lvl1

    Barracks lvl 1

    training center lvl 3

    Quinjet hangar lvl 1

    Command center lvl 3

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  • Mr.overlord

    First off I did not start this from the beginning of the game.  I am starting this from the point where you face four Incursion Iron man and am having trouble with it


    Comand center lvl 2

    Flight deck lvl 1

    Quinjet hangar lvl 1

    Training center lvl 1


    Back panther lvl 3 training required

    Black widow lvl 3 training required

    Cyclops lvl 3

    Iron fist lvl 3

    Iron man lvl 3 training required 

    She hulk lvl 3 trainig required

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  • Gcape

    Early Dialogue

    June 5, 2014 by Gcape


     Nick Fury: For your first assignement we're throwing you into the deep end. Get to the Savage Lands. Iron Man will meet you there.

    Iron Man: Looks like that agent has some uninvited company, I better get in and defuse the situation.

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